Sunday, August 27, 2017

Auramics on Asheville FM The Unquiet Meadow Radio Show

Hey thanks, Asheville! Asheville FM The Unquiet Meadow <3 Just caught word about this lovely #experimental #psych #hauntology radio show "The Unquiet Meadow" that aired our Auramics track "Founders of Time" with some great artists like our friend A Year In The Country and the lovely CAT'S EYES & Belbury Poly. Cheers! #Auramics #music #Asheville WSFM-LP Asheville 103.3FM

Tracklist here:

Show info:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Shroom Tunes’ Radio Sound Laboratory Playlist

Thanks to Shroom Tunes for including Auramics - “Founders of Time” in this lovely mix that aired on Friday. <3

Shroom Tunes’ Sound Laboratory Playlist


1. “Rite of the Maypole - An Unruly Procession” - Children of Alice

2. “Léger Léger” - Julien Gasc, Forever Pavot, Chassol

3. “Vortical Phonothèque” - Stereolab

4. “Murder in the Garden” - The Galaxy Electric

5. “So Beguiled” - The Soundcarriers

6. “Paper Hats” - Pram

7. “En retard” - Juniore

8. “Fell in Love (At the Water) - Candy Claws

9. "Library Goblin” - Death and Vanilla

10. “It Sends My Heart into a Spin” - Vanishing Twin

11. “Founders of Time” - Auramics

12. “Seeing is Believing” - The Superimposers

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"A Clock Ticks"

Thanks to our fav australian music curator, SpikedCandy, for this lovely "clock themed" mixtape feat. our Auramics track "Founders of Time" along with Ghost Box's The Focus Group, Broadcast, Piero Umiliani, Flying Lotus,Still Corners and many other library recordings. Much love <3

Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Founders of Time" in Favourite 100 tracks of 2015

12.24.15: Thanks Barrygruff Music Blog for including our song "Founders of Time" in favorite 100 tracks of 2015. (LINK)

Auramics are a psychedelic, radiophonic, dreampop, hauntology music group comprised of Kristi Scarvelis and Glen Lee Flynn. Their name “Auramics” was inspired by Daphne Oram's "Oramics Machine," which the two connected to in their interest of drawing/art, cut up collage sound and music, "Aura" relating to metaphysical practices and "Aural" in regards to hearing.

"Founders of Time" in "Top 20 Tracks of 2015"

12.17.15: Thanks Airing Cupboard for including our song "Founders of Time" in "Top 20 Tracks of 2015" along with Death And Vanilla, Jane Weaver and Still Corners. Cheers. (LINK)

"Founders of Time" in Afrodelia's Seductive Sounds" Music Chart

12.14.15: "Founders of Time" in Afrodelia's chart "Seductive Sounds" (LINK)